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Inspection & Maintenance

STOUGHTON FIRE PROTECTION LTD. inspection professionals are certified technicians who test and maintain our customers’ sprinkler systems. Only qualified sprinkler fitters perform annual inspections in compliance with NFPA and Alberta Fire Codes.

With the wide range of building types in Alberta, understanding system requirements and our customer’s needs is critical. Our team has the experience necessary to identify fire risks and then recommend the best solutions to manage them.

Inspection Services

  • After Hour Emergency on call response - Call (403) 228-8800
  • Fire extinguisher inspection, recharge, certification and sales
  • Electric and diesel fire pump testing and maintenance
  • Cross connection control (backflow) testing
  • Fire hydrant flow testing
  • Fire hose inspection
  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting inspection
  • Wet, Dry, Pre-action, Deluge Sprinkler system inspection
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire pump and diesel generator refuel
  • Pull station testing
  • 5 year interior pipe inspection


STOUGHTON FIRE PROTECTION LTD. provides complete maintenance programs that ensure systems remain operational and in good working order. Our greatest service is providing peace of mind.

Twenty-four hour emergency service is available by calling (403) 291-0291. All on-call Service Technicians are equipped with the basic components normally required to repair and return systems to full operation as quickly and economically as possible.

Please call our office for pricing and quotation -403-291-0291.

Fire Protection Instrument Panel